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Guaranteed results in just 10 Weeks



This exciting, socially distanced, 10 Week step-by-step program is structured in 4 phases. Each phase is led and monitored weekly by your personal trainer and consists of an easy to follow exercise and nutritional plan developed to achieve your best results. At each weekly meeting, your trainer will coach you through your nutrition, cardio and strength workouts for the week; combining group classes, individual cardio sessions, and a workout program that you will complete on the gym floor.

Phase 1 – Foundations

Your program will begin with an initial appointment to take InBody readings and set your goals. This phase establishes a foundation in basic training and nutrition over the first two weeks and follows a 14 day clean eating plan.

Phase 2 – Endurance

During weeks 3 through 5 you will expand and increase your muscular and cardiovascular endurance and follow a nutritional support program. You will incorporate HIIT training to build on your aerobic foundation.

Phase 3 – Strength

Continuing in weeks 6 through 8 you will focus on increasing your strength and muscle to keep your body burning at an optimum level. The changes in your nutritional program will give you the extra nutrients to fuel your growing muscles.

Phase 4 – High Intensity Training

The final weeks 9 through 10 is the transformation push. Using all of the skills that you learned during the first three phases you will burn massive amounts of calories and challenge your body to reach your goals.

Completing the 10 week challenge feels amazing. You will love how energized you feel and marvel at your progress and the overall change in your body. Best of all you will have all the tools, experience and support you need to continue with this new way of life. Your KS Fitness family looks forward to celebrating your results along with you. Get started today!


Meet your Trainers: Rebecca, Dan, and John

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